Come home from work to find that Fido has chewed your favorite pair of shoes? Doggie Daycare is the answer! At Doggie Daycare your pets can receive the attention they crave! Doggie Daycare offers your pet the opportunity to meet and interact with other active dogs, develop proper social behavior (great for those family road trips!), and come home at the end of the day “dog tired”! Our trained Daycare attendants will keep your pet busy all day in our indoor/outdoor Doggie Daycare facility.

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Benefits of Doggie Daycare:

  • ​Safe supervision of all day activity
  • On-call Veterinary staff
  • Your dog will receive the attention and playtime he needs
  • Peace of mind that your dog is being cared for, not alone
  • Your dog will learn proper socialization with other pets
  • Increased confidence and physical performance
  • At the end of a long workday, your dog is as tired as you!

Application for enrollment in Doggie Daycare is open for all pups, young and old! However, large group Doggie Daycare may not be for every dog. Not all dogs have had the same experiences or opportunities at socialization. All pets that are considered for admittance to Doggie Daycare must undergo a temperament assessment before they will be allowed to participate in group Doggie Daycare. Professional daycare managers will assess your pets personality, behaviors and actions for integration into our daycare group. ALL dogs that are in our Doggie Daycare have undergone and passed a temperament test with a professional daycare manager.

While Doggie Daycare is not suitable for every pet, Mt Pleasant Pet Resort has many options to accommodate most pets. Give us a call today to setup a meeting with a Pet Care Specialist!

Daycare Rates:

1 Day – $24.25

Single day purchase of Doggie Daycare

10 Day Package – $206.00

Package of 10 Doggie Daycare days do not have to be used everyday. Each package has a 90 day expiration from date of purchase.

25 Day Package – $454.00

Package of 25 Doggie Daycare days do not have to be used everyday. Each package has a 120 day expiration from date of purchase. May be used for families with 1 or multiple pets.

Additional Information

All packages have an expiration day starting from the date of purchase. Packages are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Have a special situation not addressed in the above information? Give us a call for more information. Ask for Jay.

Day-boarding – $16.25

Day-boarding service availability:
Monday – Saturday 7:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday Drop-off at 9-10am, Pick-up at 5-6pm