The state-of-the-art grooming facilities at the Pet Resort have been carefully thought-out to ensure your pets have the most stress free grooming experience possible. We have a grooming area of over 250 square feet to ensure your pets never feel cramped and for our larger dogs we feature a spacious grooming tub complete with a ramp so there is no uncomfortable lifting. We have several grooming options to fit your pets needs.

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Professional pet grooming isn’t only a luxury, its a necessity. At the Pet Resort we use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques at a reasonable, affordable price. Keeping your pet well groomed makes your pet smell and look good, but more importantly, it also helps to keep your pet more comfortable and makes spotting health problems easier before they become serious and life-threatening. Proper bathing and brushing by trained pet groomers can help you avoid uncomfortable matting and other serious injuries, but thats just the beginning of the health benefits. Regular grooming allows our groomers to look for and notice changes in your pet including: new bumps, lumps, cuts and scrapes.

Grooming Rates:


​Includes as applicable: Shampoo wash, ear cleaning, blow dry, brushing, nail trim
Skunk Bath Add $15.00

Minimum Prices Per Pet:

Small >20 $24.00
Medium 21 – 45 $27.00
Med/Lg 46 – 61 $30.00
Large 62 – 80 $32.00
X-Large 81+ $35.00

Grooming (Haircut)

Includes everything from bath service plus: Cut & Style

Full Groom:  
Minimum Prices Per Pet:  
Small >20 $47.25
Medium 21 – 45 $55.00
Med/Lg 46 – 61 $65.00
Large 62 – 80 $77.00
X-Large 81+ $97.00
Cat $55.00

A note on price quotes:

*All grooming prices given over the phone and in person are QUOTES. The final price of each pet groom depends on a number of factors that impact the amount of time, effort, water, product, etc…that go into the actual grooming. Groomers have the final say in pricing.